We are REIMAGINING high school education to provide young people the skills to find jobs, the tools to create their own jobs and the character to lead and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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Our Promise:

We will not stop innovating and experimenting until we know how to deliver a transformative education to all of our young people.

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Please see below a list of few of our Frequently Asked Questions. Kindly reach out if you have additional questions. Contact us ➜

Loop Academies is reimagining secondary education to tackle Africa’s massive youth unemployment and learning crises through improved school management and culture, software, and a work/life-focused curriculum.

We work with senior secondary school students (grade 10 – 12). For our Model School, we are only recruiting at Grade 10. All our students will spend the full three years of high school with us. We will always recruit only at Grade 10. 

Our goal is to recruit a diverse cohort of students from every possible background (economic, academic, gender, etc). We reserve the right to select students based on this constraint of diversity.

The total cost of our tuition per annum is US$2,000. This is divided into various installments to accommodate everyone’s financial ability. There are scholarships and financial aid available to students who cannot cover the full cost of their education.

Our pedagogy is rooted in hands-on learning. From project/problem-based learning tools, to a flipped classroom model, vocational and digital skills, etc., students are the center of our learning model. 

Yes. We have scholarships and financial aid packages based on the affordability of each student and their family. 

Our school day starts at 7:30 am and ends at 4pm from Monday to Friday. 


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