Explore the Curriculum

We deliver a holistic and intentional three year education that provides young people with the skills to be employed, the tools to create their own jobs, and the character to lead and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

A Holistic Education

We are delivering an education that considers the full student (head, heart, hands). We’ll challenge our students to take control of their learning and be responsible for what they do/say.

School Culture

The success of our students rely heavily on the culture within which they learn. We are intentional about creating an environment that will challenge our students to deliver their utmost best.


With students at the center of their own education, our community will create a space for them to thrive and be anything they so desire.

Values Driven

Our entire school community will ascribe and practice values that demonstrate the future of Liberia that we want for all of our people.

Skills. Competencies. Tools

To lead and thrive in a rapidly changing world, young people will need to have the tools, skills and competencies required. 

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Through our Student Venture program, all students get to work in teams to start, run, and exit a business while in school. 

Vocational/ Technical Skills

To expand access and ensure our students have a pathway into the workforce, they’ll participate in required vocational trainings.

Computer/Digital Literacy

Our students will be users of technology throughout their experience within our school and throughout life. 

A Complete Focus on the Future!

Our pedagogy is tilted towards preparing young people with the skills they will need to navigate the future of work and life. 

Work Readiness

Students will complete required work readiness trainings and two internships/apprenticeships before they graduate. From digital to vocational skills, our students will leave our school ready for the real world.

21st Century Skills

Through an active learning pedagogy and technology, we will provide our students with the skills needed to thrive in this fourth industrial revolution.

College Access

With a dedicated college access team, all students will be supported as they make plans to pursue further education home and abroad.

We are an innovative, learning community. Kindly reach out to us if you have any questions and suggestions about what we offer to our students. We are here to help!